Thunder vs. Gino Rivera

In one of the most anticipated matches heading into DWO True Grit on August 5th, Gino Rivera and Thunder finally met for their first one-on-one contest since a brutal attack took out the veteran nearly one year ago. The unexpected year off for Thunder wasn't enough for him to calm his emotions and he was ready to take it out on the Puerto Rican Pit Bull.

While the duo competed in a Triple-Threat Match the previous month for the newly-created Full Access Championship, some say that their bitter rivalry cost both men the opportunity to make history. The distraction of their feud allowed Manny Lemons to approach the match with a clear mind and eventually leave Three Shades of Fate as the inaugural champion. But for Gino and Thunder, the loss only added to the fire burning within.

With the singles match finally set with the hope that both men would settle their differences once and for all, nobody expected just how hostile it would get. From the start, Thunder did not hesitate and immediately got the upper-hand on Rivera. But the younger upstart would not back down and took the fight right back to the former Tag Team Champion. In a matter of minutes, the match turned into an all-out brawl that would spill outside of the ring. Unable to control the action, the referee counted out both competitors as security proceeded to seperate the two men.

As Thunder expressed his frustration over the call backstage to Commissioner Adam Merrick, Gino appeared from nowhere and the brawl was back on! This lead Merrick to announce a Falls Count Anywhere Match for DWO Fight or Flight next month. If what we already witnessed is any indication of what to expect, Destiny Wrestling fans are in for a can't-miss bout on September 9th!

DWO Heavyweight Championship

Three Shade of Fate

The main event for Three Shades of Fate contested three of DWO's top stars battling for the biggest prize in all of the Southwest. Johnny K and Chad Thomas would take on DWO Heavyweight Champion Hobo Hank in a Triple-Threat Match with the championship on the line!

For Johnny K, this was a six-month journey back to the title picture. He lost the title to Hobo in a brutal ladder match last December but had yet to receive his rematch due to his controversial past actions against DWO Commissioner Adam Merrick. Proving his mettle against the likes of Ryan Justice, Turbo Tony and Manny Lemons, he wanted everybody to know that his time in the spotlight was far from over.


Chad Thomas had a much longer journey to get back into contention for the title. Having lost the Heavyweight Title back at Day of Destiny V in 2010, Thomas would get other chances at winning the gold back but could never get back to the top of the mountain. But after racking up an impressive six-match winning streak in Destiny Wrestling, the "Old-School Athlete" was hungrier than ever to reclaim his glory.

While both challengers had to bide their time in getting their respective title matches, the one person who knew a thing or two about waiting was the current champ, Hobo Hank. It took the transient over three years to gain another title shot and when he finally won the belt back, he vowed that he would be the fighting champion that all of Albuquerque deserved. With wins over former WWE Superstars Rob Conway and Tommy Dreamer already under his belt, Hobo was definitely making good on his word.

As the Triple-Threat Match got underway, Johnny and Thomas (two known associates of former Director of Competition Matthew Roblez) would initially approach the match as a team but their union wouldn't last long as both men were looking to accomplish the same goal. With the intensity of the bout escalating, the referee would get knocked out, leaving no authority to count any deciding fall. As Adam Merrick went backstage to search for another ref, Johnny would take advantage of the opportunity and surprise Hobo with his patented rag of chloroform. With Hank out, Johnny now focused on Chad as his last obstacle. Fans were shocked as Josh Pain resurfaced for the first time in 2017, wearing a suit and tie and embracing his fellow DeathRage Cartel member with a hug. As the duo delivered a double Das Boot to Chad Thomas and Johnny prepared himself to become a two-time champion, Pain would do the unthinkable and hook K into unconsciousness with a sleeper hold! With all three men out, Josh would grab Baby from the corner post and bolt out of the Westside Community Center. This led Matthew Roblez to finally appear and drag Chad Thomas on top of Johnny K just as the referee started to come to. A slow three seconds later and Chad Thomas was once again DWO Heavyweight Champion!

Destiny Wrestling's newest era has arrived with Chad Thomas' Heavyweight Championship run in full-swing. Matthew Roblez, now firmly behind Chad Thomas as his manager, is back to having some sort of power within the company now that his client holds the richest prize in the organization. But what is next for Hobo Hank, who was not involved in the deciding pinfall to award Thomas the gold? And what is next for Johnny K now that Josh is responsible for both his championship loss and the whereabouts of Baby? Hopefully we will find out more at DWO True Grit on August 5th!

Full Access Championship Recap

Earlier this year, Destiny Wrestling announced that a brand new championship would debut, the first in the company since 2009. The new singles title would give fans complete control, including an online vote to determine the name. When the choice of the Full Access Championship was announced as the winner, it was also revealed that any time the title would be defended, it would air for the whole world to see via Facebook Live.

After waiting nearly three months, fans were finally going to see who would be crowned as the inaugural Full Access Champion at DWO Three Shades of Fate. In order to qualify for the Triple-Threat title bout, all three men needed to win their respective Fatal 4-Way Matches in the months leading up to the event. Manny Lemons was the first to earn his spot by besting Dante Diablo, Dillon Divine and former Extreme Champion THE Josh Carey. At the following show, Gino Rivera won over Turbo Tony, Donny Brookes and Johnny Swole while the returning Thunder earned a victory in the final qualifier, topping Scotty Santiago, Dylan Dunbar and one-half of the Tag Team Champions, Ray Basura. With the three men now in place, it was time to see who would cement their legacy.

Just before the start of the show, Commissioner Adam Merrick would provide fans with a sneak peek of the new title, revealing a hashtag symbol on one of the side plates. With the crowd counting down the seconds, the show went live on Facebook for the match, where Merrick finally revealed the custom made championship for the whole world (and the three contenders) to see for the first time. As the match began, bitter rivals Thunder and Gino would be the first to square up until Lemons  interrupted to inject himself into the contest. All three would have close pinfalls throughout the bout but in the end, it would be "The Man, the Brand, the King of the Lemonade Stand" Manny Lemons who would come out victorious and become the first-ever Full Access Champion!

Recap of Ultimate Jeopardy


Destiny Wrestling kicked off their third show on May 13, 2017 with Ultimate Jeopardy! The stage was set for all the action as the anticipated match of Tommy Dreamer versus Hobo Hank headlined the event.

The first match contested Turbo Tony, Donny Brookes, Gino Rivera and Johnny Swole in the second of three Fatal 4-Way Matches with the winner qualifying for a shot at the new Full Access Championship. The stakes were high and left little room for error with the opportunity for one of these men to make DWO history. The match would be very energetic as everyone would take dives from the top rope to the other competitors outside of the ring. At one point, Rivera would elbow Swole in the mouth, causing him to bleed profusely all over the ring. The cheap tactics would come in handy for the "Puerto Rican Pit Bull" as he would pick up the victory to join Manny Lemons in a match to determine the first Full Access Champion next month.

The second bout would feature former Heavyweight Champion Johnny K against "as seen on ROH TV" Manny Lemons. Punches would be traded between the combatants with neither men showing an advantage over the other. As the 15-minute time limit started drawing closer, both men went into panic mode to try and secure the victory. With just seconds to go, Johnny would deliver his patented Das Boot but would have the time expire before the referee could register the 3-count, ending the match in a draw. Frustrated that things didn't go his way, Johnny proceeded to attack Manny post-match with his chloroform rag.

As The FoxStars headed to the ring for the next match, an unknown man would attack the duo from behind and brutalize them with a steel chair. The man would then take Shadow Fox into the ring and continuously slam him onto the chair at the orders of his manager. After the beat down, blood could be seen dripping out of Shadow's mask as the man unfolded a chair and sat over the beaten luchador. The man would reveal himself as #IamThePROPHET (along with his manager #IamThePROTAGANIST), announcing his alignment with #TheCultAwaitsYOU. Cryptic words would be sent by the invaders to the Tag Team Champions before Ray Basura would come out to stop the assault. As Basura drove the attackers away, the EMTs would strap Shadow to a stretcher and take him backstage to be treated further.

With Basura heated over the events that had just transpired, he had no time to contain his emotions as the next Full Access Championship qualifier that he was involved in began. Scotty Santiago, Dylan Dunbar and the returning Thunder were all met with Basura's anger while entering the ring for the match. But the story of the contest was Thunder, who made the most of his 12-month hiatus by scoring the W after his signature Frog Splash, securing his place in the Triple-Threat Full Access Championship Match at the next show.

Following intermission, the next match would feature two former DWO Heavyweight Champions squaring off as Joe Quesada battled the "Old-School Athlete" Chad Thomas. These two men would battle each other not only in the ring but also all over ringside, giving Thomas the advantage. With his brutal lariat, Chad would be victorious yet again and gain his sixth straight singles win in Destiny Wrestling.

The huge main event had finally arrived and the fans in Albuquerque were ready to see the dream match of Hobo Hank vs. ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer with not only the DWO Heavyweight Championship on the line but also Matthew Roblez's career in Destiny Wrestling. Half way through the match, Roblez, Johnny K, and Chad Thomas would come out to ringside to help Hobo in securing Roblez's job. Everytime it seemed as though "The Innovator of Violence" was close to winning, one of the three would interfere making sure Hobo could regain the upper hand. Finally after brawling with the three and diving onto them, Hobo would plant Dreamer with his Tornado DDT and retain his coveted gold in the biggest match of his career. Immediately following the victory, the three intruders would enter the ring and jump the champion and encourage the former ECW Champion to join their assault. Briefly pondering the offer, Dreamer turned the tide and aligned with Hobo, taking out Johnny, Thomas and Roblez and sending the crowd at the Westside Community Center into a frenzy!

Going forward, many questions have been brought up. Who will be the first-ever Full Access Champion: Manny Lemons, Gino Rivera, or Thunder? Will Johnny K get his demanded rematch for the Heavyweight Championship? Has Chad Thomas proven that his six-win streak is worthy of a shot himself? And will The FoxStars be able to compete for their earned Tag Team Championship Match? All these questions will be answered on June 17th at DWO's 3 Shades of Fate! Come to this show as it will define the future of Destiny Wrestling Organization!

Recap of Pride Is A Sin

Pride Is a Sin! Destiny Wrestling’s second show of the year took place on March 25th at the Westside Community Center. In the weeks leading up to the show, it was announced that three big names would be competing: "The Warlord of Weird" Sinn Bodhi, Impact Wrestling star Robbie E and the 2-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Ironman” Rob Conway. The night started out with DWO’s special guest Gabriellita Torres singing the National Anthem in front of a sold out crowd.

The first match would be the No. 1 Contender's Match for the DWO Tag Team Championships as The FoxStars battled The Heartless. The momentum of the two teams would go back and forth but in the end, The FoxStars would get the win after a bit of miscommunication by Gino Rivera & Domion Diablo. After the match, Domion  confronted Gino about the miscommunication but was instead met with a kick below the belt from his now former tag team partner.

The next match saw the returning Sinn Bodhi take on fan favorite Joe Quesada. The match would get intense as the fight would spill out into the crowd. While locking arms, the two competitors would bridge over the first and second rows at ringside before coming back into the ring. Near pinfalls would plague the match and when all was said and done, Bodhi would score the victory to make his return a memorable one.

Next up, Chad Thomas and Robbie E squared off...but Thomas wanted to start things with a dance contest. Thomas' dance moves had not only Robbie laughing but also all those in attendance. Once the bell rang, the action was nonstop but it was the "Old-School Athlete" who would end up with his fifth straight Destiny Wrestling win.

The first Fatal 4-Way Match to determine the competitors for the new Full Access Championship came next, pitting THE Josh Carey, Dante Diablo, Dillon Divine and Manny Lemons against one another. With the match airing on Facebook Live for the whole world to see, it was Lemons who would shine brightest and become the first man to qualify for the Full Access Championship Match coming in June.

The following contest would be one of the most anticipated ones of the year with Dressed 2 Kill challenging Brute 66 for the DWO Tag Team Championships. D2K had been screwed out of their previous opportunities at the gold and were looking to finally get a fair chance against the fighting champs. Dylan Dunbar & Donny Brookes would give Brute 66 a run for their money but it would be Mosh Pit Mike & Ray Basura once again walking away with the “W” that night.

Following intermission, Johnny K took over the show and demanded competition after his previously-scheduled match was cancelled due to his opponent getting injured. Answering the call was the former Tony Fletcher, now going back to his old persona as Turbo Tony. Johnny would have the momentum the whole match however and picked up the win after two Das Boots to the defenseless Tony.

It was finally time for the main event as Rob Conway challenged DWO Heavyweight Champion Hobo Hank. For nearly ten minutes, the crowd would trade chants for the both the champion and the challenger. After knocking down the referee, the Director of Competition Matthew Roblez would interfere once again in his continued attempt to rid the company of the beloved Hobo. Unfortunately for Roblez, his plan would backfire as his brass knuckles accidentally clocked Conway, costing "The Iron Man" the match. As the Director was throwing a fit outside the ring, Commissioner Adam Merrick would remind Roblez that his one last chance had been blown, going on to fire Roblez to the delight of the fans.

The DWO continues to cement its mark in Albuquerque and the packed house on March 25th proved that. So what's next? Destiny Wrestling returns on May 13th and will be bringing in "The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer! Be sure to attend that event to see what the next chapter in Destiny Wrestling holds.

Recap of A New Destiny

A New Destiny

They’re back! Destiny Wrestling hosted their first show of the year, A New Destiny, on February 11th. Fans flocked to the Westside Community Center to see what DWO would bring to the table.

The first match contested Joe Quesada against Dante Diablo. Joe, being the fan favorite of the match, was bent on winning to further his climb to his next championship opportunity. After a hard fought match, Quesada would pull out the win over Dante.

Immediately after the match, Commissioner Adam Merrick would call out Matthew Roblez to discuss his future...only Roblez wasn’t alone. Johnny K, holding a destroyed Baby, would accompany the Director of Competition to the ring to confront the Commissioner. The discussion became heated when Merrick threatened to fire Roblez but stated that he wouldn’t as long as the Director made good on his one last chance. So Roblez was sent to the back to find a competitor for Hobo Hank in the main event. Meanwhile, Johnny was told that he had to prove his demand for an immediate rematch for the Heavyweight Title and was scheduled to fight DWO newcomer Ryan Justice. Johnny got the jump on Justice, beating him until his opponent could go no more. Security jumped in the ring and pulled Johnny off of Justice and the match was declared a no-contest.

The next match featured The Heartless and The FoxStars in tag team action. Renewing their rivalry, The FoxStars were looking to get some revenge after Domion Diablo unmasked Shadow Fox in December. The FoxStars would pull one over on their rivals when Gino Rivera tried to unmask Lucha Star, only to reveal that the masked luchador was wearing two masks! Planning ahead allowed Shadow & Lucha to win and tie the series at 1:1.

 The next match would be Chad Thomas fighting the returning Manny Lemons. Before the match, Lemons would tell the crowd of a family member’s passing and that he would be dedicating his match to their memory. The fight would go all over ringside with Lemons nearly securing the victory multiple times. But in the end, Thomas would take his fourth win in a row.

At the end of intermission, Adam Merrick would host a live stream on the Destiny Wrestling Facebook page to make his big announcement. Pointing out that the DWO Extreme Championship is currently located in Florida with current champion Donnie Amsterdam, he told the crowd and everyone viewing the live stream that DWO would be creating a new title and the fans would vote to choose the name of the new championship.

Brute 66 would put their Tag Team Titles on the line next against The FAT Society. THE Josh Carey & Tony Fletcher would actually have the upper hand for most of the match, taking the champions to the limit. Unfortunately for them however, they could not compete with Brute 66’s teamwork and would lose their shot at the gold. After the match, Carey would turn on Fletcher and knock him over the head with The Book of Carey.

The main event was here and Hobo Hank was out in the ring ready to defend his Heavyweight Championship. Matthew Roblez would come out to the ring and bring out his hand-picked challenger, Sgt. Major. Hobo seemed to have met his match as Major would beat on him for the better part of the contest. But an angry Johnny K would interfere and strike the referee, forcing Adam Merrick to call for the DQ to cost the challenger the title. Hobo would perform his finishing move, the Tornado DDT, on Johnny to send the crowd home happy and end the first show of the year with the champion’s hand raised in celebration.

Overall, it was a great start to the 2017 year and it will only get bigger as three major names have already been announced for DWO’s next show, Pride Is a Sin. TNA’s Robbie E, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Conway and former WWE Superstar Sinn Bodhi will all be in action on March 25th. So be there to witness what happens next in Destiny Wrestling!